Chocolate and sex improve memory

Chocolate and sex improve memory
Chocolate an aphrodisiac for sex

What we eat, what we drink and what activities are essential for our health, say British researchers.

Experts say that sex and chocolate are given in memory problems, with crosswords, sudoku and cold showers.
"Dark chocolate and cold appetizers can improve the gray matter, while sex is essential to preserve the memory capacity in old age," they added.
The study by British researchers concluded that gender has a positive impact, contributing to the release of seven substances in the brain that enhance cognitive abilities.
Magnesium and antioxidant substances, which are to be found in dark chocolate, prevent brain injury. In other words, the secret of memory keeps improving lifestyle and food that is fed body.

Sex vs. chocolate

Honestly, girls, you what you choose: a mediocre sex with a guy who does not really know what is healthy serving of chocolate or a soft, appealing, which will tickle your taste buds? For the answer given is not exactly easy, great battle versus Chocolate Sex is about to start - black on white writing advantages and disadvantages, and then draw together the conclusions!

Cumulative effort of having sex makes you burn many, many calories! Or at least that experts say: It is rumored that during a game of sex can burn successful 300-400 calories. It is equivalent bandwidth intensive running time, plus some movement! Sex already sounds great.

Chocolate, however, is one of the biggest "sin" calories: one tablet burdens us with 550 calories, you can burn, as otherwise the, having sex for an hour and a bit! Further, sex gaining ground in front delicioasei chocolate ...

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