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Aphrodisiac properties

Aphrodisiac and sex

Romantic popular culture strong aphrodisiac properties attributed to chocolate, often being associated with sensual pleasures caused by its consumption. Also the composition of fat and sugar such as chocolate stimulates the hypothalamus, inducing a pleasant feeling, with effect on serotonin levels. Although serotonin has a stimulatory effect in large quantities it is converted to melatonin leads to a reduction in sex drive.

Increase upstart sexuality

150 ml water
400 grams of sugar
100 g butter melted and cooled
250 g milk powder (unsweetened)
50 g cocoa
1 vanilla essence (or a rum essence)
hazelnuts (or hazelnuts, toasted walnuts least, almonds, raisins, etc.)


1. Mix it with cocoa powder milk and you can sift eventula to be fine.
2. We boiled water with sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. When the syrup begins to boil will make a white foam. From this point depending on how it will get chocolate syrup boil. If you want soft and "rubbery" slim make a syrup. If you make a crumbly chocolate syrup thick as honey almost. To see how syrup is made with a teaspoon and move your finger on her back. You feel how sticky it is and that is consistency.
* I like to be between, neither too soft nor too crumbly, but I cooked a little more chocolate syrup and came out exactly as that commercially there was once just a little dark, but the taste is identical.
3. When syrup is ready, turn off heat and add milk powder in several installments, until well blended. Add butter and essence and mix well.
4. Composition quickly put in a pan greased with butter and flatten with the back of a spoon which often soften in cold water, then sprinkle with peanuts. To press deeply into the chocolate.
5. After cooled in the refrigerator until it hardens give. If you make thin syrup will have to leave to cure overnight, but if you did heavy syrup will last only 2-3 hours until you can cut it.

Good appetite and enjoyed sex!

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