Chocolate an aphrodisiac ?

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is one of the most important aphrodisiac. Eat a few pieces of dark chocolate before bedtime

chocolate aphrodisiac

-5 eggs
-250g sugar
-250g flour
Baking powder -1
-1 Vial flavor

-6 yolks
-250g sugar
-2 Tablespoons flour
-1 Cup of milk
-6 Cubes of plain chocolate
-1 Vial of essence
-1 Package of butter

Household -6 chocolate cubes
-70g butter
-4 2 tablespoons milk or chocolate icing envelopes

 Preparation :   
Leaf: yolks with half the sugar 5 tablespoons water + fight crema.Se Gradually add oil, then flour mixed with baking powder and vial of essence, resulting in dense cream that will blend easily with hand whipped egg whites with half sugar. The cake lining composition is poured and placed in the oven, moderate heat, 45 minutes.
Cream: Mix egg yolks with milk, sugar, flour and essentially perfect and put on low heat until it becomes composition as a 2.3 ciulama and make blisters, then place in cold. Melt chocolate and after is not hot cream mix results above, then add butter. Chocolate cream must be cold when filled dough.
Glaze: Place the melted chocolate (it melts in aburabur bath) and then add milk and butter.
Cut the dough into three, the insiropeaza (f. recommend a concentrated coffee sweet in that you put brandy to taste) each sheet is filled with cream, is glazureaza and put in the refrigerator 2-3 hours.


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