Massage with chocolate, a dessert for your body cosmetic

Massage with chocolate
Massage with chocolate

A massage with chocolate can be an excellent therapy to relax. A true culinary delight in chocolate has beneficial properties in terms of health and body: strengthen morale, contains important antioxidants for the immune system is a good energizer in case of exhaustion.

Massages in chocolate or cocoa rather caught in the ground and came to be practiced in many beautycenters.

Dark chocolate benefits:

The benefits of relaxing chocolate treatment

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that strengthen us and protect our body from the harmful effects of the environment. Thus, people who regularly consume moderate amounts of dark chocolate are protected from ultraviolet rays nocivele.
Dark chocolate seems to have a beneficial effect in terms of beautiful ladies. Eating dark chocolate help women to prevent premature aging and wrinkles.

Another benefit offered by dark chocolate is that it stimulates the secretion of endorphins, substances produced by the brain, which are designed to reduce stress, pain, and which at the same time, offers a state of prosperity and happiness.
Also, having a high content of caffeine, chocolate is a great energizer, and can successfully replace coffee, and energy drinks, so harmful to the entire body.

House chocolate with raisins


250 g sugar
150 ml water,
250 g milk powder,
2-3 tablespoons cocoa
150 g butter,
essence of rum,
nuts, raisins.


House chocolate is very tasty raisins. For this recipe for chocolate house first boil water with sugar until thick syrup is obtained, as the sweetness. Add butter and stir until complete melting. Put hot syrup, little by little, over milk mixed with cocoa powder. Stir vigorously until full incorporation. Add the rum and essence of your favorite fillings (peanuts, raisins, walnuts, almonds, candied fruit, etc.).
The composition obtained is put in a pan, leveling well with a spoon, always passed through the water. Leave the tray in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours or overnight.
Consistency house chocolate varies depending on how it is cooked syrup. Thus, if a very well connected syrup, chocolate will congeal home soon and will have a thicker consistency, and if the syrup is more fluid, chocolate will require a longer cold state, and consistency they will be sticky.

Mode of serving :

Chocolate dessert house serves as snack times.
The source of this recipe is Truedelights culinary blog.
For serving chocolate house would be helpful in serving platter KitchenCraft Kitchenshop.

Home chocolate sex

Aphrodisiac properties

Aphrodisiac and sex

Romantic popular culture strong aphrodisiac properties attributed to chocolate, often being associated with sensual pleasures caused by its consumption. Also the composition of fat and sugar such as chocolate stimulates the hypothalamus, inducing a pleasant feeling, with effect on serotonin levels. Although serotonin has a stimulatory effect in large quantities it is converted to melatonin leads to a reduction in sex drive.

Increase upstart sexuality

150 ml water
400 grams of sugar
100 g butter melted and cooled
250 g milk powder (unsweetened)
50 g cocoa
1 vanilla essence (or a rum essence)
hazelnuts (or hazelnuts, toasted walnuts least, almonds, raisins, etc.)


1. Mix it with cocoa powder milk and you can sift eventula to be fine.
2. We boiled water with sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. When the syrup begins to boil will make a white foam. From this point depending on how it will get chocolate syrup boil. If you want soft and "rubbery" slim make a syrup. If you make a crumbly chocolate syrup thick as honey almost. To see how syrup is made with a teaspoon and move your finger on her back. You feel how sticky it is and that is consistency.
* I like to be between, neither too soft nor too crumbly, but I cooked a little more chocolate syrup and came out exactly as that commercially there was once just a little dark, but the taste is identical.
3. When syrup is ready, turn off heat and add milk powder in several installments, until well blended. Add butter and essence and mix well.
4. Composition quickly put in a pan greased with butter and flatten with the back of a spoon which often soften in cold water, then sprinkle with peanuts. To press deeply into the chocolate.
5. After cooled in the refrigerator until it hardens give. If you make thin syrup will have to leave to cure overnight, but if you did heavy syrup will last only 2-3 hours until you can cut it.

Good appetite and enjoyed sex!

Chocolate and sex

Chocolate an aphrodisiac for sex
What we eat, what we drink and what activities are essential for our health, say British researchers.  

Experts say that sex and chocolate are given in memory problems, with crosswords, sudoku and cold showers.
"Dark chocolate and cold appetizers can improve the gray matter, while sex is essential to preserve the memory capacity in old age," they added.
The study by British researchers concluded that gender has a positive impact, contributing to the release of seven substances in the brain that enhance cognitive abilities.
Magnesium and antioxidant substances, which are to be found in dark chocolate, prevent brain injury. In other words, the secret of memory keeps improving lifestyle and food that is fed body

Chocolate vs. sex
Chocolate vs. Sex

Honestly, girls, you what you choose: a mediocre sex with a guy who does not really know what is healthy serving of chocolate or a soft, appealing, which will tickle your taste buds? For the answer given is not exactly easy, great battle versus Chocolate Sex is about to start - black on white writing advantages and disadvantages, and then draw together the conclusions!

According to other studies, chocolate contains antioxidants and she, in turn, protects the heart - but, look, just about dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 60%! In addition, chocolate is an aphrodisiac and used in ancient times to increase libido and enthusiasm for sex. Health concerns, it seems like sex and chocolate are recommended, the difference being that sex in industrial quantities harmless, while chocolate does.

Afrosidiac chocolate taste

What do you think?

Chocolate an aphrodisiac ?

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is one of the most important aphrodisiac. Eat a few pieces of dark chocolate before bedtime

chocolate aphrodisiac

-5 eggs
-250g sugar
-250g flour
Baking powder -1
-1 Vial flavor

-6 yolks
-250g sugar
-2 Tablespoons flour
-1 Cup of milk
-6 Cubes of plain chocolate
-1 Vial of essence
-1 Package of butter

Household -6 chocolate cubes
-70g butter
-4 2 tablespoons milk or chocolate icing envelopes

 Preparation :   
Leaf: yolks with half the sugar 5 tablespoons water + fight crema.Se Gradually add oil, then flour mixed with baking powder and vial of essence, resulting in dense cream that will blend easily with hand whipped egg whites with half sugar. The cake lining composition is poured and placed in the oven, moderate heat, 45 minutes.
Cream: Mix egg yolks with milk, sugar, flour and essentially perfect and put on low heat until it becomes composition as a 2.3 ciulama and make blisters, then place in cold. Melt chocolate and after is not hot cream mix results above, then add butter. Chocolate cream must be cold when filled dough.
Glaze: Place the melted chocolate (it melts in aburabur bath) and then add milk and butter.
Cut the dough into three, the insiropeaza (f. recommend a concentrated coffee sweet in that you put brandy to taste) each sheet is filled with cream, is glazureaza and put in the refrigerator 2-3 hours.


White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate

Black chocolate

Dark chocolate, dark chocolate called, is a mixture of cocoa and cocoa butter with sugar. It contains 35% cocoa, the proportion depending on the manufacturer. Sugar needs depends on the variety of cocoa bitterness used.

Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate       

Milk chocolate contains, according to EU regulations [1] imposed a minimum 25% cocoa solids and 12% milk solids (mostly milk powder or condensed milk). The first milk chocolate was launched by the Swiss Daniel Peter in 1875.

White chocolate

White chocolate is chocolate made ​​from cocoa butter, sugar, milk, vanilla and other flavors.
Not containing cocoa powder or cocoa preparations therefore has a color close to white

Milk chocolate

Chocolate Truffles

History of Chocolate Truffles

By George Murray
The invention of the cocoa press in 1828 made possible separating the natural fat in cocoa beans, called cocoa butter, from the bean solids. This not only improved the consistency and taste of the remaining cocoa powder but made possible the development of solid chocolate. Eating chocolate or solid chocolate, as opposed to drinking chocolate, was first produced in 1847 in Fry’s chocolate factory in Bristol, England. Solid chocolate is a combination of cocoa powder, sugar, cocoa butter and often flavorings like vanilla. In 1879 Swiss Henri Nestle and Daniel Peter developed milk chocolate by combining solid chocolate with milk powder. Experimentation in France and Switzerland led to the development of ganache.
Chocolate, chocolate Milka
Ganache is the center component of a truffle. Ganache is a velvety smooth combination of solid semisweet chocolate and cream. Cooked at just the right temperature it cools to form a rich and firm paste with intense chocolate flavor. A truffle is a confection made of a round ganache center, often flavored, covered with a shell of milk, dark or white chocolate. Truffles are often covered in cocoa powder, sugar or finely chopped nuts. Perhaps originating in France, the truffle is named for its visual similarity to the French mushroom-like fungus of the same name. Like the original truffle, chocolate truffles have become synonymous with luxury and a sumptuous taste experience. Truffles are made in a wide variety of tastes. In many chocolate houses the Chocolatier’s finest ingredients are reserved for the truffle.
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